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#1.   In the November 1980 issue of The Wasingtonian there appeared an article by Gaeton Fonzi titled "Who Killed JFK?", which had previously been published in Gold Coast magazine in two parts.  Here is the original manuscript for that article before the editors got hold of it.  Because the entire article is 636kb, it has been divided into two parts.

NOTE:  This is the original manuscript which was done on a typewriter.  When Gaeton Fonzi prepared for his book by the same name, he had it retyped.  The retyping abounded with spelling and other errors. Most of these errors still are present.  The manuscript presented here is neither the Wasingtonian article nor the book.  It is the ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT. 

PART 1: Last Investigation 1979-1980

PART 2: Last Investigation 1979-1980

#2.  Another published ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT (before editorial cuts).  This one pertains to Jorge Mas Canosa and was titled JORGE WHO?.

#3.  On October  8, 1994 the South Florida Researcher Group (formerly known as the Ft. Lauderdale JFK Group) interviewed Gaeton Fonzi using questions submitted by other JFK historians and researchers.  INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT  ...

#4.  On April 27, 1996, JFK researcher and writer Steve Bochan interviewed Gaeton Fonzi.
           Bochan - Fonzi Interview  ...

            From this interview and other sources, Mr. Bochan wrote:  Understanding Odio .  (The "Odio" referring to Silvia Odio)  
            For those unfamiliar with Ms. Odio, she was living in Dallas in 1963 and had an unexpected visit from lee Harvey Oswald
            and two other individuals. [For more information on the Silvia Odio encounter with LHO, a Selected Bibliography has
            been compiled for your information.]

#5. Celebration of life:  Funeral, Obituaries, etc.

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